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Welcome to My Journal

quotes, metaphors, and everyday observations related to my self-care journey

Who is Santa anyway?

This is not an origin story recounting the historical facts about Santa.  This is a story about the man as I know him. I have never actually seen Santa (in person) however, I have heard him chuckle and I have been certain of his presence since I was very young. I can certainly see him in my mind and since we do create our reality; that is more than enough for me. Santa comes across as a benevolent, slightly mischievous, very old soul. I think he does want us to have what we want. Despite...

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Is forgiveness good advice?

Well I would say that depends on so many things... so it's both a yes and no situation. Yes, if you have done the necessary steps that precede and preclude forgiveness. No, if you are attempting to completely avoid emotions and the part of you has unprocessed feelings. Yes, if you have honored YOU and YOUR EXPERIENCE of the situation at that time.   No, if you are shaming yourself for not being more compassionate/ more spiritual.   Yes, if you validating and being there for the...

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A Two Year Expedition

Two years ago today we were plunged into a journey we never saw coming and weren't prepared for. To say the pandemic has been challenging would be a vague understatement that borders on insulting.  So many fears and losses.  Suffering and death.  Our usual ways of working and socializing were gone and in their place was far, far too much alone time.  Routine, comfort, and variety were replaced with reflection that ultimately (shall I say quickly?) degraded into boredom, even despair.   For...

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Pluto's Demotion

Today celebrates the day Pluto was discovered and deemed a planet.  Pluto Demotion day is in August and can we talk about that?  (I have been reading up on Pluto today and I imagine Pluto as a really cool coworker that you don't appreciate until they are gone). Anyway, what led to this demotion? How did it all go down?  According to multiple sources, the decision to remove Pluto’s planetary status came about because it shares its orbit around the sun with objects called “plutinos.”   So...

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