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Welcome to My Journal

quotes, metaphors, and everyday observations related to my self-care journey

Happy New Year Tiger!

So have you been belting out "Eye of the Tiger" lately? Yes, same here!  I must have read (and promptly forgotten) that the Chinese New Year begins today.  Apparently, my subconscious DJ remembered, as I have really been jammin' to Survivor's 1982 anthem.  It's Year of the Tiger!  Thankfully, it's not too late to wish you many blessings in 2022. May 2022 bring in new vibes and sweep away what has become stale and stagnant.  May Tiger bring hope and vivacious energy to all the weary. May...

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Fire In January

Any other fiery personalities out there?  Woot. Woot.  Have you had any challenges with it?  Are you challenged by this in others?  Let me say first, my fire has served me well in so many areas... that is, until it doesn't...  And let me apologize right now if I have ever singed you. I am truly sorry.    If it has benefited you, then all the better, but this little ditty is about my commitment to see the negative aspects more clearly. So here we go.  I am making a commitment to see...

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Driveway Wisdom

So often I hear in casual conversation a piece of wisdom that I have been looking for. A few days ago I was taking out my recycling and saw my neighbors.  We began the standard and customary driveway banter about the weather.  We also talked about decorating for the holidays and how our color palettes have changed.  I mentioned when I am done with a color that I am completely done with it.  I scour the house and remove it, as if seeing it has become offensive.  My neighbor joked "just...

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The Noble Turkey

Thanksgiving weekend has come to a close and many of us took time to reflect on all the things we are grateful for.  It is understood that Turkey reminds us to be thankful for our blessings. And when we give thanks, do we give thanks for the changes and the challenges... the wins and the losses? Turkey has given it all so others may live in abundance.  Turkey gives for the joy of giving.  Turkey is a fierce protector of home and loved ones. Turkey understands that life is always changing,...

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