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Pluto's Demotion

Today celebrates the day Pluto was discovered and deemed a planet.  Pluto Demotion day is in August and can we talk about that?  (I have been reading up on Pluto today and I imagine Pluto as a really cool coworker that you don't appreciate until they are gone).

Anyway, what led to this demotion? How did it all go down? 

According to multiple sources, the decision to remove Pluto’s planetary status came about because it shares its orbit around the sun with objects called “plutinos.”  

So that's the official reason - but what about office politics? Personality clashes? Hidden vendettas? Power grabs?

The more I read, the more I wonder.  

Let me back up a bit.  In mythology, Pluto was the god of the underworld (which is hidden from oridinary reality, much like the unconscious).  When I imagine myself and others conversing at the water cooler, I have the idea that Pluto made everyone else slightly uncomfortable in a self-possessed but mysterious way. 

Others are intrigued but nervous. 

As you may know, Pluto is the 9th and furthermost (dwarf) planet in our solar system and represents the border between the gravitational effect of the sun and deep dark space.  I imagine Pluto having some gruff days at the office, embracing all emotions and some days just frankly looking Goth.  Pluto does not care about business casual attire.

I have also heard Pluto described as being "very colorful" we all know that's another way to say too flashy or too mouthy for others to deal with. 

Multiple sources say Pluto has a nearly 250 year orbit (!) Maybe Pluto was not meeting deadlines?

Or taking the project onto another path completely?  Depending on the source, Pluto is described as having a moderate or highly eccentric path.  This only raises Pluto in my estimation.

Furthermore, the identity of Pluto is debated and seems to lend more mystery to his/her origin. The esoteric corners of the internet will tell you Pluto is associated with revelation and ruin; possibly revival after challenges.  Pluto can symbolize regeneration, transformation, and rebirth.  Pluto has seen some sh*t and I respect that.  

The thing I like most about Pluto is that being labeled, mischaracterized, or demoted, doesn't bother him/her. 

Pluto knows her/his path, has faced trials and tribulations, and has the confidence that comes with accepting oneself fully.  May we all reach that level of freedom! 

photo credit- NASA