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quotes, metaphors, and everyday observations related to my self-care journey

Who is Santa anyway?

This is not an origin story recounting the historical facts about Santa.  This is a story about the man as I know him. I have never actually seen Santa (in person) however, I have heard him chuckle and I have been certain of his presence since I was very young. I can certainly see him in my mind and since we do create our reality; that is more than enough for me. Santa comes across as a benevolent, slightly mischievous, very old soul. I think he does want us to have what we want. Despite what is portrayed, I don't think he's concerned about if we've been good or not.

I think there is incredible mileage to be had from writing a letter to Santa. Too often we have mixed feelings about what we want and we don't make decisions about what we want and we keep deferring choices and giving mixed messages to ourselves and others.  That sentence was a mouthful and worth re-reading.

I was challenged by a good friend to write a letter to Santa about what I wanted and honestly I still haven't done it. Without expressing ourselves and thinking things through how can we have clarity? How can we deal with the fears of getting what we want?  Yes, that's what I said.  Fears often conceal wishes. That idea comes to us from Freud (who now that I think about it has a bit of a Santa look too).

I was proposing the inverse, that wishes often conceal fears or at least come with fears. How can we face the fear of change and the problems that might come with getting exactly what we want? I don't think we're as clear "askers" as we like to think we are. We want it, but we haven't dealt with all the feelings and memories of what went wrong last time we had it or nearly had it. So Santa is about clarity and honesty with yourself and challenging yourself to put it in writing and put it forth.

I feel that if I were to run into Santa having his almond milk and gluten-free cookies beside my not-very-functional-but-well-decorated-fireplace, he would say something like "all you had to do was ask, I just couldn't tell what you wanted." 

And I will say "Thank you Santa!  I am so glad I had the courage to write you."