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quotes, metaphors, and everyday observations related to my self-care journey

I should have told you I loved you II (READ PART I FIRST)

(Dear Reader- I don't usually publish letters, but if you read part I, I feel that you too are looking for some answers.  You've come this far with me, so I will keep sharing.)  Dear Amie, Of course I know that you love me! I did not quit, exactly, I was just tired. Do you remember all that we did that day? Too much. Just... too much. I can't always bring that much intensity to such a long list of projects. In that way we are not the same. I do like (and admire) your standards and...

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I should have told you I loved you

They say all relationships come to an end (eventually) but we were together for decades. I never really thought it would happen to us. Sure, there were signs, signs of things that were broken, complaints lodged, noises made, but I just didn't think it would end. I wasn't ready for it to be over so soon! I don't know if you quit on me or you just couldn't take it anymore but I feel so many feelings. So many. Did I push you too hard? Ask for too much? We had a thing! Do you remember...

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Two-day is the greatest day I've ever known.

Today is 2-22-2022. It's also the second day of the Chinese New Year. Twos are everywhere! Twos represent pairings, relationships, harmony and stability. How is your love life going? Your friendships? Your relationship with yourself? Today I plan to revisit Rumi's quote about not seeking love but rather removing all the barriers within yourself to love. Makes a lot of sense to me -everything I've ever chased has run the other way. (And quickly). How do we attract love? Or rather, assuming...

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Groundhog Day and Looping Trauma

 Anyone else have interpersonal dramas that keep repeating?  Scenarios that replay endlessly much like the movie Groundhog Day? Does it have you making that Bill-Murray-I-am-over-it-face we all can identify with?  Any helpful friends saying phrases that feel like platitudes?  Or maybe you are offering sound bytes to a friend, feeling frustrated by their confusing behavior.  Maybe someone puts up with wa-aaay more than they should.  Or settles. Or gets wrapped up dramas that don't make...

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