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Welcome to My Journal

quotes, metaphors, and everyday observations related to my self-care journey

Open House and Open-ness

After nearly a decade of energy work, I finally had my open house!  Would you believe it's easier to talk about being open than actually do it?  I found myself worrying about details and losing sight of the big picture (because that is how I manage uncomfortable feelings).  I was able to recognize I was afraid of being judged and feeling insecure.  Insecure about being seen.  Insecure about being different.  Insecure about not meeting expectations or being good enough.  Still I was...

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Why the blue whale?

  Whalecome! I am so glad you are here! Here's a bit of background to introduce you to my practice, Blue Whale Medicine.   7 years ago this month I made the decision to begin offering energy work to others. It's a bit like coming out of the closet when you are trained in the Western Medical model to admit that you use intuition and sense things. I came across this picture while looking at handmade jewelry and you might agree that it seems to be a thumbs-up from the universe.  I certainly...

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